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Sports Car Club of America

Check the Schedule of Events web page on this website for the EIR SCCA auto-x events schedule and for events put on by other local car clubs in the area also.  If you are planning to run your car at the next auto-x event, many of the things you will need to know can be found on our Auto-x FAQ web page.     Thank you.

Also see the official EIR SCCA Facebook page for the latest club news and event schedule.  

Ready to join us?

The Eastern Idaho Region is part of the national Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) organization.  Membership runs on an annual basis from the date you join, to the same date the following year.  You can obtain a new membership or renew your annual membership to EIR SCCA at the national SCCA membership web page:


Late Breaking News !

OctoberFast 2019, Sunday, October 6

The Utah Region of SCCA is has planned the 2019 OctoberFast auto-x event for Sunday, October 6 at the Legacy Events Center parking lot in Farmington, Utah.  This traditional event pits the Utah Region and Eastern Idaho region drivers against each other for the coveted best region trophy.  This will be a one day event this year.   Eastern Idaho region will need all of its drivers to participate in hopes of bringing the trophy back home to Idaho.

Utah region events uses the online event registration process at

EIR SCCA Auto-x Event Info  

Time schedule:

                      7 - 9 am                 Registration
                      8:30 - 9:15 am      Tech Inspection & course walk
                      9:15 am                 Drivers Meeting
                      9:45 - 10 am          First car on course

Entry fees:
                 SCCA members            $30 for 1 day event         $40 for 2 day event
                 non-SCCA members     $40 for 1 day event         $50 for 2 day event
                 First time auto-x drivers  $20 for 1 day event        $40 for 2 day event

EIR SCCA September meeting * to be determined *

There will be an EIR SCCA club meeting on ????, 2019, 7 pm, at ??????? in ??????.  


Events by other car clubs

Utah Region SCCA - Auto-x

The Utah Region SCCA auto-x events have been added to the Schedule web page.

Snake River Region SCCA - Auto-x

The Snake River Region SCCA (Boise area) auto-x events have been added to the Schedule web page.

Utah Region SCCA - Track Cross at UMC

Utah Region SCCA has announced a series of three Track Cross events will be held on the race track at Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC).  The dates and track configuration are:  Friday, May 31, west track;     Friday, July 12, east track:     Friday, August 9, east track.  What is Track Cross?  An SCCA Track Cross event is run similar to an SCCA auto-x event, that is one car at a time competing for fastest time on a course.  However, the Track Cross event uses the UMC race track as the course.  So.... higher speeds and longer course, means more grins per mile !  Track Cross events follow the SCCA Time Trials car classification rules.

Each event is limited to 75 drivers, on-line registration is at Motorsports.reg.  The link for the events and registration is located on the Utah Region SCCA schedule web page....

Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC)

On November 5, 2018, Tooele County agreed to sell the former Miller Motorsports Park facility to Geely division Mitime Utah Investment, LLC.  Mitime has operated the racetrack facility under contract for the past two years.   Geely is the largest private automaker in China, and the company‚Äôs holdings include foreign automotive marques Volvo, the Volvo performance brand Polestar, Lotus (and its former parent, Proton), taxicab builder The London Electric Vehicle Company, and flying car manufacturer Terrafugia. The company also owns 9.7 percent of Daimler-Benz, making it the largest shareholder, plus 8.2 percent of truck and construction conglomerate Volvo Group.

Geely is heavily invested in motorsports as well. In addition to (now) owning Utah Motorsports Campus, the company has plans to build an additional 10 comparably sized facilities across China, including the Ningbo International Circuit, which opened in 2017. The company is also involved in the FIA Chinese Formula 4 Championship and is poised to enter the FIA World Touring Car Championship with its Chinese-Swedish automotive brand Lynk & Company.

The UMC sale includes the 511-acre property, 4.438-mile reconfigurable racetrack, 0.9-mile reconfigurable kart track, an off-road short course, a rock-crawling course, a rallycross track (which debuted at the 2018 Nitro World Games), plus all buildings and physical structures. For more information, including a list of upcoming events, visit

***The information above was obtained from the website.

UMC has announced a couple programs to give drivers an on-track, race track experience.  

Wide Open Wednesday (WOW) will have three separate events occurring on Wednesday evenings.  On track laps, on track laps with instructors, and auto-x laps.  Starting date has not yet been announced for 2019.  A great way to get started in motorsports, as no previous track experience is required.  Check the UMC web site for more details.

Open Track Cars is a track lapping session for experienced drivers only. Dates for 2019 events have not yet been announced.   Check the UMC web site for more details.

NASA Utah racetrack weekends

The NASA Utah region is organizing and running HPDE, time trial, and road race events at UMC.  You must be a member of NASA to participate in these events.  Events are scheduled approximately once a month through the 2019 year.  Some drivers from Eastern Idaho will be making the drive/tow to UMC to experience these high speed road course events and are looking for more participants to join in the FUN !  More information about upcoming events and the 2019 event schedule can be found at NASA UTAH.

Sage Raceway

Sage Raceway is a new 1/8 mile drag strip that has been recently constructed just west of Idaho Falls.  The first season of drag racing at the new track was completed mid-September 2017.  The 2019 schedule of events has been announced, with the next race being Memorial Day weekend, May 25. The 2019 drag race schedule is included on the Schedule of Events web page.  The drag strip is located on the corner of 105 West 113 N in Bonneville County.  Food and drink is available for purchase on site during race weekends.  More information is available at the Sage Raceway Facebook page.


2019 Eastern Idaho Region SCCA officers

Regional Executive (RE) - Jason Latimer

                                           email:                                                  cell phone 208-932-3061

Assistant RE - Kameron Clements

                                             email:, cell phone 208-351-8896

Secretary -  Derek Holubar

Treasurer - Dave Krekel

Membership Chairman - 

Novice Chairman - 

Registration Chairman - open - looking for a volunteer! 

Website - John Atchison

Social Media - Kameron Clements

Board of Directors - 


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