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Sports Car Club of America

The 2018 EIR SCCA auto-x events schedule in the Eastern Idaho area is finalized except for the Idaho-Utah Challenge event at the end of the season.  Check the Schedule of Events web page on this website for the EIR SCCA auto-x events schedule and for events put on by other local car clubs in the area also.

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Also see the official EIR SCCA Facebook page for the latest club news and event schedule.  Check it out !  


Late Breaking News !

Next EIR SCCA meeting - Tuesday, September 18

The next EIR SCCA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018 at Dixie's Diner, located on Channing Way in Idaho Falls, at 7 pm.  Join us in the large private meeting room in the back of the Diner.  Sandwiches, milkshakes, dinner, appetizers, or even breakfast, is available to order from the menu. 

Topics of discussion for the August EIR SCCA meeting will include the upcoming auto-x events of the 2018 season as it winds down, stories from the SCCA National Solo Finals, and it's not too early to be talking about club officers for 2019!.

See you at the meeting !


Events by other car clubs

Utah Region SCCA

If you are feeling the need to auto-x race at more out of town events, Utah Region SCCA has their next event coming up soon (check the EIR SCCA schedule web page). Some drivers from EIR SCCA may be planning on attending the Utah Region auto-x events to get more seat time.  Come join us for these out of town auto-x events.

NASA open track days at UMC and race weekends

NASA Utah has announces a partnership with Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) to host the Open Track Days they have scheduled for 2018. The format will continue to be non-timed practice sessions throughout the day, with the focus being on driver improvement, car testing, and having fun!  Open track days are scheduled for June 2 on the East track, July 14 on the West track, and October 14 on the Outer Loop track.

The NASA Utah region is organizing and running HPDE, time trial, and road race events at UMC.  You must be a member of NASA to participate in these events.  Events are scheduled approximately once a month through the 2018 year.  Their next race track event is October 5-7.  Some drivers from Eastern Idaho will be making the drive/tow to UMC to experience these high speed road course events and are looking for more participants to join in the FUN !  More information about upcoming events and the 2018 event schedule can be found at NASA UTAH..

Sage Raceway

Sage Raceway is a new 1/8 mile drag strip that has been constructed just west of Idaho Falls.  The first season of darg racing at the new track was completed mid-September 2017.  The 2018 schedule of events has been released and is now included on the Schedule of Events web page. The last drag races of the season are scheduled for September 22.  The dragstrip is located on the corner of 105 West 113 N in Bonneville County.  Food and drink is available for purchase on site during race weekends.  More information is available at the Sage Raceway Facebook page.


2018 Eastern Idaho Region SCCA officers

Regional Executive (RE) - Kameron Clements

                                           email:, cell phone 208-351-8896

Assistant RE - Shane Johnson

Secretary -  Derek Holubar

Treasurer - Dave Krekel

Membership Chairman - Kameron Clements

Novice Chairman - Shane Johnson

Registration Chairman - open - looking for a volunteer! 

Website - John Atchison

Social Media - Kameron Clements


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